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Helen Hills, a mother of two from Wiltshire led a fairly normal life, happily married with two children, working as a hospital technician and then a school technician until the age of forty- three when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and her life drastically changed.

Her husband a respected GP knew only too well what lie ahead for his wife and found her condition very distressing. It wasn’t long before he started having affairs and unfortunately in 1989 committed suicide.

This was an all time low for Helen, a bright alert woman.  She had two children (15 and 13) and realised that she would have to bring them up single handed, with an illness that was starting to affect her mentally and physically.

She was lucky to find a loving husband fifteen years ago and has been happily married ever since, although life has had its ups and its downs with her MS. It is now 19 years since she was diagnosed and the MS has certainly taken hold.

Helen now needs a motorised scooter when she goes out shopping and has to use a stair lift at home as she can no longer manage the stairs. Her memory has been affected - particularly her short- term memory - and she feels frustrated, as she can’t remember simple things. Her constant pain makes it difficult for her to fall asleep and she feels irritable most of the time and has little patience. She is constantly tired and looks forward to the end of the day when she can go back to bed.

She went on the Internet looking for help, and came across and purchased a Procyon Meditation Machine.  She has been absolutely delighted with the results.

 A Procyon Meditation Machine is a small, light, highly portable machine that combines soothing pulses and visual stimulation to the brain via headphones and special glasses.  After a short period of time the Meditation Machine slows down your brainwaves producing the effect of meditation. In fact with only fifteen or twenty minutes use of a Meditation Machine, you can experience the same peace and tranquillity as a Zen monk.

“The Procyon Meditation Machine has made a really big impact on my life”, says Helen, “I can now cope better and feel more cheery”. 

Helen uses her Procyon before she has a nap.  She says ‘A session in the afternoon makes me feel calm while it is in progress and full of energy immediately afterwards’.

 In order to keep her brain active, she is writing a book of animal poems for children and has found since using the Procyon that she is much more creative and focused.  ‘I find I get some very good ideas during an afternoon session’, explains Helen. 

Perhaps best of all, the Procyon has helped with Helen’s sleeping difficulties.  Helen says, ‘A session on my Procyon at bedtime helps me forget any discomfort while the session is in progress.  This means that when the session is over I am more tired and ready to sleep’. After a good night’s sleep, Helen feels less irritable and less stressed. Little things don’t annoy her anymore and she feels generally much happier.


Helen is delighted with the benefits she has gained from using her Procyon.  ‘I feel more able to cope with life and all that it throws at me since I started using the Procyon’ enthuses Helen, ‘My whole world feels uplifted. On the whole I owe my Procyon a big vote of THANKS.

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