What is biofeedback ?

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Biofeedback operates on the notion that we have the innate ability and potential to influence the automatic functions of our bodies through the exertion of will and mind. Biofeedback has recently been shown to give us what had previously seemed an impossible degree of control over a variety of physiological events.

Using special equipment and sensors to record muscle contractions and skin temperature, you can learn to control normally involuntary processes such as heart rate and blood pressure that increase under stress. The equipment "feeds back" the efforts and eventually you can recognize and control facets of the stress response by yourself.

Light StoneThe Journey to Wild Divine's innovative biofeedback hardware platform measures skin conductance level (SCL) and heart rate variability through the three, gently attached finger sensors. The measurements are registered through the "Light Stone" and fed back to you through biofeedback activities on the screen.

Mentors within The Journey help you learn to control your body's normally involuntary processes. By increasing, decreasing or synchronizing body rhythms, through various levels of breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques you'll quickly learn to master the activites and begin using these techniques everyday throughout your life.

The knowledge you gain will help you control stress and anxiety and enhance your personal growth and well-being.


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