The 4 week 'Concentrate Your Mind Course'

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How would you feel if you could learn to focus your mind like a laser and use it to re-create your past - and create a powerful new future ..... with absolutely minimum effort ?

Our 4 week 'Concentrate Your Mind' course will show you how you can have an entirely new, empowered and success oriented future stretching out before you - in less than 30 days.

And you can do this in only 10 minutes a day !

The 'Concentrate Your Mind' course is so much more than a simple self-improvement or personal development or professional development. It is a breakthrough system that will take your personal life and your career to a highest level. Consider it an investment – not an expense – in creating your best life now.

David Milton"I've followed the 'Concentrate Your Mind' course and the results have been so profound that I feel like a new person. I am delighted at the results so far.

I've been struggling with a project for over a year. After finishing the course, I completed it in only three weeks of concentrated effort.

Thank you for letting me experience such an amazing technique"

----- David Bolton, IT Director, Leeds

During a period of 4 weeks you’ll receive by email information designed to refine and build your power to focus your amazing 3-pound brain. Once a week you’ll spend about 30 minutes of focused time on your Course – then only 10 minutes a day throughout the week on your self-development exercises. You're about to be amazed at how this will supercharge your mind and empower you to achieve!

The 'Concentrate Your Mind' approach solves the biggest problem of virtually ALL other personal achievement and empowerment programs! You no longer have to download 100-page ebooks you'll never finish reading ... or attend expensive seminars that pump you up, but leave you with no real lasting results.

The 10-Minute Solution cuts through all the “stuff” surrounding personal achievement … and takes you straight to the point on exactly how to change from the inside out.

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Jill Bennett"I have been using the 'Concentrate Your Mind' course in conjunction with my Meditation Machine. I must say that I am very impressed with the effect it has had on me.
I am a Reike practitioner and so I am used to transformations, but this course has added another dimension to my self-development. Well done for making it available."

                   ----- Jill Bennett, Reiki Practitioner, Brighton

The 'Concentrate Your Mind' Course can be used on its own, but you will see even more amazing results when it is used in combination with a Meditation Machine.

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Spend just 10 minutes a day on the Course, and you will immediately
start to .......

Why 'Concentrate Your Mind' is Delivered Over Four Weeks

We have found that people get much better results when they work with one or two key concepts each week. This allows your mind to assimilate the information and implement the exercises more effectively.

We could easily send out the whole course in one go. But here's the problem. ..

There's a big difference between understanding and KNOWING.

When people read or hear something new or even something familiar – they often
mistakenly think they KNOW the information. However, in most cases they just
understand it. Understanding is the easy part. It is not difficult to understand
what you have read or heard.

However, you cannot KNOW something until you have actually DONE IT or
APPLIED IT in your life. Up until that point it is just more information.

The illusion that we KNOW something when we merely UNDERSTAND it is the reason most people fail when it comes to self-improvement programs. It's an easy trap to fall into.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

To make sure you have enough time to go from understanding to KNOWING and
getting the results you desire, we have purposely laid out the material in a four -week

Raamant"I've tried many other self-development methods before, but this is the first one that's really worked for me.

I've felt much less stressed by the heavy work-load I'm faced with. I also feel my enthusiasm and motivation is much higher than it's ever been before "

------ Raamant Samil, Financial Manager, London

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'Concentrate Your Mind' - 4 week course delivered by email : Price : £25

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