Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) & Psychic Development

ESP is demonstrated whenever you pick up information that you wouldn't or shouldn't normally know.

ESP is often called the 'Sixth Sense'. It is sensory information that you receive which comes beyond the ordinary five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Develop Your Psychic Powers With Our
'Psychic Journey' Course and a Meditation Machine

Everybody is Psychic !

Being Psychic isn't a special gift given to the chosen few. We are all born with psychic ability, but most of us haven't yet learned to tap into it.


The 'Psychic Journey' Course

This course is a new approach for developing your natural, psychic powers. Each part of the course takes you through a structured plan to help you ‘tune in’ to your psychic awareness and stimulate your inner powers.

The course is particularly suitable for those of us with busy lives who want to cultivate our psychic potential without having to re-arrange our regular routines. The step-by-step method allows you to build your psychic development into your existing lifestyle – all you have to do is follow the 12-week plan.

The 'Psychic Journey' and Meditation

Meditation is key to the development of your psychic powers. Meditation quietens the mind and allows you to connect to a higher consciousness. Mystics of all types have agreed that it is this connection that will allow you to experience ESP and psychic ability.

Using traditional methods, it can take many months or years to learn to meditate.  Fortunately, with your Meditation Machine you can achieve deep, meditative states quickly and easily.

The 'Psychic Journey' and Your Meditation Machine

The 'Psychic Journey' course has been specially developed to work with your Meditation Machine programs. Many of the exercises in this course will ask you to include a particular  technique in a session with your Meditation Machine. The course suggests the most appropriate session/program to select for your specific Meditation Machine (Sirius, Proteus, MindSpa and InnerPulse).


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ESP includes :


ESP and Meditation Machines

With our Meditation Machines you can take the Fast Track to Meditation and start to develop your ESP powers straight away. Meditation Machines combine modern technology with ancient wisdom to enable you to meditate easily and automatically and start to receive the benefits immediately.







Procyon InnerPulse   InnerPulse DeLuxe



InnerPulse Deluxe


All our Meditation Machines include sessions that will lead you gently into a natural state of meditation that will make it easy for you to experience higher levels of consciousness.

If ESP is something you want to investigate and develop, then using one of our Meditation Machines will accelerate a process that otherwise may take many years using traditional meditation techniques.



Please phone us on 020 8371 0436 or email us for further advice about our products, or if you're not sure which Meditation Machine would be most suitable for you.


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