Stress Management

"When your days are filled with stress ,anxiety and aggravation, your life may seem like a never-ending battle."

Meditation MachineHow would you feel if you could learn to relax, reduce stress and impove your sleep easily and automatically ........STARTING TODAY ?


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Stress can build up and have many bad effects, such as:


Meditation Machines and Biofeedback systems can help relieve and manage stress.

Managing stress with Meditation Machines







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Meditation has been scientifically proven to help manage stress. <Click here for more detailed information.

QuoteRegular meditation has the following benefits :




Using traditional techniques, learning to meditate would take many months, or even years, of practice - with no guarantee of success.

With our Meditation Machines you can take the Fast Track to Meditation. A Meditation Machine combines modern technology with ancient wisdom.



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Managing stress with Biofeedback

Wild DivineBiofeedback is another technique to control stress and improve your emotional and physical well-being. It is scientifically based and validated by studies and clinical practice.

Biofeedback systems make you aware of your unconscious “involuntary” physical reactions to stress and teach you how to use your mind to take voluntary control over your body.

In the past, biofeedback systems have been expensive to buy - and boring to use ! But the Journey to Wild Divine is a unique computer game that links biofeedback hardware with your computer to create an incredible experience. Unlike a normal computer game where you accomplish errands by clicking on a mouse, in "The Journey ", you perform increasingly difficult tasks by practicing breathing and meditation techniques that affect your heart rate and excitement level


>Read an article about the Journey to WIld Divine by Justin Hall - Wired, Rolling Stone


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