How meditation can help with weight loss ?


It’s strange to think that sitting still in deep relaxation or meditation can help us to lose weight.

When we think of things that will  help us  with weight loss, we would normally think of changing our diet (so that we don’t consume so many calories) or performing  physical exercise (so that we burn off surplus calories).

And of course it’s true that if we eat less and exercise more, we will lose weight. But the important thing to remember is that without the right mental conditioning, our attempts to lose weight will like be doomed to failure.

Meditation can help you to achieve the right mental state that is essential for successful and sustained weight loss. It can do this in a number of ways.

First,  meditation can help you to build the discipline that is necessary for you to carry out your exercise programme and stick to your healthy diet. Meditation is like doing mental exercise. And in the same way as when you do physical exercise you become physically stronger, spending time in meditation each day, or even three or four times a week, will help you to become mentally stronger.

Instead of giving in to your urges to eat chocolates and biscuits, you’ll start to have the mental strength to overcome them. Instead of finding excuses to justify not going for a walk or jog, you’ll find reasons to motivate you to do your exercise.

Secondly, meditation can do even more than build mental resolve. Meditation will automatically  lead you to a better state of physical and mental well-being and before long, your body will start to regulate itself and naturally aim for a state of optimal health. This means that over time, your desire for unhealthy foods will reduce and physical exercise will become something that you look forward to.

Thirdly, it’s long been known that that positive visualisation can play an important part in reaching any target, such as weight loss, and can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. For example, you can mentally picture  yourself at your ideal weight and enjoying your improved physical appearance.  Or you can see yourself turning down high-calorie food and choosing healthy food instead.

Visualisation techniques are  much more effective when you perform then  in a deeply relaxed state of mind. This is because you’ll be programming your subconscious at a deep level which will then steer you towards achieving your desired goal. By changing your mind, it will result in changing your body.

There are many techniques you can use to meditate. However, many traditional meditation techniques can take a long time to master. At Meditations-UK, our Meditation Machines offer a fast track to deep relaxation and meditation that we believe is particularly suited to the fast-paced, stressful lives that many of us lead.

Whichever way you decide to meditate, the regular practice of meditation will play an important part in your weight-loss effort and will lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.



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