Our Mission : "To inspire people to meditate and develop a calmer, less stressful and more fulfilled lifestyle"

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" "I purchased an inner pulse deluxe meditation machine with the coloured glasses.It arrived the next day,

The other items I ordered separately also arrived next day When information has been requested, it has been responded to almost immediately.

Everything you have been asked for so far has been done with great politeness, and speed. Well done on great product and excellent customer service"
------ Sophia Gleed - Sussex, UK"


Why You Should Buy a Meditation Machine From Us



And it's the little things that matter ....

Most of the Meditation Machine manufacturers don't include batteries with their systems. But we put our own batteries in the box when we send your Machine to you so that you can start to use it straight away.

Remember, if you have any questions about Meditation Machines or any of our other products, you can phone us on 020 8371 0436 or email us at info@meditations-uk.com


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