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Autumn Special Offer

During the Autumn, we are giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every MindSpa System - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.

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As seen on TV's 'The Gadget Show' : Unanimous Winner of the Stress Busters Focus Group

Gadget Show

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We now have the new sixth generation MindSpa MDS-12p in stock.

MIndSpa Personal Development System


MindSpa Package including CrystalWhite Multi-Purpose Glasses and CalmBlue Multi-Purpose Glasses

Price including free 'Next Day' UK delivery : £225

All our Meditation Machines comes with our 30 day satisfaction money-back guarantee PLUS our four-week 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth £25


Benefits Of Using The MindSpa System



The MindSpa Personal Development System is based on established, scientific concepts.

MindSpa utilizes specifically tuned frequencies of light, together with soothing, calming sound to lead your mind gently into one of two major states depending on the desired outcome.

Approved By NLP's Dr Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler

"I have devoted 35 years to developing tools to make the human brain more user friendly. I find the MindSpa to be of the most important new tools that can open the doorway to better quality of life.

I use the MindSpa on myself....I use the MindSpa on my clients. The results I get are astonishing. Better learning, sleeping, thinking...... the list goes on and on. I intend to use this device to create opportunity, success, and freedom.

Let the future be more wonderful! "

DR. RICHARD BANDLER, Co-creator and Creative Genius of Neuro Linguistic Programming

The MindSpa DeLuxe System includes exclusive web download sessions specially developed for the MindSpa by Dr. Bandler

Special Bonus. For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week 'Concentrate Your Mind' e-course worth £25.
This course is the perfect complement to your Meditation Machine. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in in a few days.

>Click here to learn more about the 'Concentrate Your Mind' course

Better Sleep


Intrusive thoughts can interfere with your sleep . Your brain carries on with its internal chatter and you go over and over problems in your minds. We're all familiar with this. It leaves you anxious and agitated making quality sleep difficult to attain. You get up in the morning feeling tired, unrefreshed and irritable.

The lack of good quality sleep can have a very debilitating effect on your physical and mental health.

Using your MindSpa immediately before you go to bed will help naturally to quieten your mind and relax your body. It will also help to produce the brain wave patterns that trigger sleep.


In a more general way, using your MindSpa over time will improve the way you handle stress and and condition your mind to be quieter and calmer. This will have a cumulative effect in improving your sleep patterns.



"Over the years I have had problems sleeping; either falling asleep or waking up in the small hours and then unable to get back to sleep.

This has been due to a number of reasons but stresses, over-tiredness, a cluttered mind which won't switch off have all contributed to my anxiety. I have tried endless remedies, some of which have helped but I decided to try the Mindspa Meditation Machine and it has been absolutely brilliant.

I easily got into a routine of using it every night before I go to "sleep" and I find it calms my mind which relaxes my body and I drop off...BLISS If I do wake up during the night I just use it again and go straight back to sleep. I also enjoy the feeling of it relaxing me!

Knowing how much lack of sleep has pulled me down in the past and in fact how ageing that is, I only wish I had known about and bought a Meditation machine sooner. Seriously it's the best investment I can think of! "
--- Clare Thomas - Dundee

Eliminate Stress

The pressures and pace of modern life take a heavy toll on many people and more and more of us increasingly suffer from stress and stress-related conditions and illnesses.

Symptoms of stress can include :

The MindSpa Personal Development System will help you to manage stress and relieve the effects of stress-related health problems.

Simply find a relatively quiet place, put on the Visual Stimulation Glasses and headphones, choose one of the programs and press the start button to begin.

This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility. After a few minutes, you'll feel yourself entering into calm, focused state of awareness. At the completion of the program, you will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

"For many years I have been looking for a solution for stress, fatigue and to help improve my concentration, memory and creativity. I have taken various meditation and creativity workshops. I also took medication to control my stress, but nothing helped. Then I decided to try MindSpa three months ago. Now my stress and anxiety is completely gone! My focus is much better and I discovered a great, new creativity. For those who are not familiar with it, I warmly recommend using MindSpa!"
------ Ronit L - Computer Technician

Improve Your Focus, Concentration and Memory


In addition to relaxation programs, the MindSpa also includes sessions designed to enhance your focus, concentration and memory skills.

These sessions have been designed by Dr. Ruth Olmstead, a psychologist and recognized expert in Auditory and Visual Stimulation.

Dr. Olmstead has extensive experience in helping people to improve their learning abilities and has carried out ground-breaking work in the treatment of children and adults with ADD/ADHD (attention deficit disorder /attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

One of the main features of the new MindSpa is the innovative Multi-Purpose glasses.

These glasses use six lights for each eye placed along the outside edges in an oval pattern. This means that they can be used with your eyes open while reading, working and studying. This will enable you to function in a state of relaxed awareness that will result in increased focus, concentration and creativity.


"I recently purchased your Mind Spa product. I was impressed by the quality of the product. I have used other products for relaxation and meditation but none compare to the Mind Spa. These products include visual stimulators and CDs for alpha and theta entrainment. None of these other products really worked. Even with my first use I experienced a noticeable relaxation benefit with the Mind Spa."
       James C. - Los Alamos, New Mexico

How our MindSpa put a "life back on track"

Norwich Evening News

Emily Gundle



When Emily Gundle was 23, she was studying to be a lawyer at a top university and had her whole life ahead of her.

But she then became pregnant and due to complications during childbirth she was given a double dose of anaesthetic and was left with what was described as partial dementia. She found it difficult to concentrate and had problems with her memory.

She sought a cure from GPs, neurologists, haematologists and Chinese doctors but no one was able to help her and she was forced to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Recently, however, the family were watching Channel Five programme, The Gadget Show, when they saw our MindSpa system..

They thought it might be worth trying and have been amazed by the results.

Memories have started to rush back and Mrs Gundle's mind has become a lot "clearer". The couple, who live in Thorpe St Andrew, describe the effects as a "miracle".

"We think it's improved her brain by about 90pc," says her husband, Richard. "She's just a changed woman. She lost 21 years of her life and now has got it back."

Emily's story has been told in her local newspaper, the Norwich Evening News.

You can read the full article here.


The Progressive Relaxation Training Method


To make MindSpa easy to use, it includes a highly effective Progressive Relaxation Training Method™, developed by Dr. Ruth Olmstead, a clinical psychologist and leading expert in Auditory and Visual Stimulation (AVS).

The MindSpa's Progressive Relaxation programs enable you to work towards deeper and deeper levels of relaxation over several weeks. You move through the programs at your own natural, comfortable pace progressing step-by-step into deeper states of mind and body.

The early sessions lead you to mid and low alpha, while the later programs progressively take you to theta and delta levels. >Learn more about alpha, theta and delta


Progressive Relaxation Alpha Training

Program 1 - Alpha I -   22 mins. Low beta to mid alpha 12.5 - 8Hz

Program 2 - Alpha II -  25 mins. Low beta to mid alpha 12.5 - 8.6 Hz

Program 3 - Alpha III - 27 mins.Low beta to low alpha 13.5 - 7.83 Hz

Program 4 - Alpha IV - 30 mins. Mid beta to low alpha/high theta 14 - 6.8 Hz

Program 5 - Alpha V -  34 mins. Mid beta to low alpha/high theta 14.5 - 7.2 Hz

Program 6- Alpha IV - 45 mins. Low beta to low alpha/high theta 14 - 7 Hz

Progressive Relaxation Deep Theta Training

Program 7 -   Theta I -   23 mins. Mid beta to mid theta 14 - 5.7 Hz

Program 8 -   Theta II -  30 mins. Low beta to mid theta 13 - 5.1 Hz

Program 9 -   Theta II -  41 mins. Low beta to low theta 13 - 4.7 Hz

Program 10 - Theta IV - 25 mins. Low beta to low theta 11 - 3.9 Hz

Program 11 - Theta V - 33 mins.  High alpha  to low theta 10 - 4.1 Hz

Program 12 - Theta VI - 60 mins. Low beta to low theta 11 - 3.6 Hz

Deep Delta Wave Programs

Program 13 -  Delta I -    38 mins. High alpha to high delta 9.7 - 3.5Hz

Program 14 -  Delta II -   55 mins. High alpha to mid theta 8.9 - 3 Hz

Program 15 -  Delta III-   69 mins. High alpha to low theta 9 - 2.5 Hz



"I have already benefited from the machine in that I have slept much better and got back to eating and enjoying a full meal,it is certainly helping me over the trauma of losing my wife to whom I was married for 62 wonderful years.

By the way I am no spring chicken - 87 in April..""
--- Warwick Armstrong - Flintshire , UK


Performance Enhancement - Focus, Concentration, Memory

MindSpa also includes three programs to help improve your performance. These programs utilise the higher frequencies that have been shown to enhance your ability to focus, concentrate and retain information.

Using these programs over time can have a significant impact on your mental abilities. You'll find that you're able to focus on activities that require superior concentration, and absorb and remember more information than ever before.

Think of them as mental exercise. Just as your physical muscles respond to and grow with physical exercise, using these programs two or three times a week will help your mental abilities to expand and strengthen, making you better able to cope with the many demands placed on you.




Program 16 - Quick Boost - 11 mins.

Use this program for whenever you need a quick boost of mental energy. Regular use may have a positive and long lasting effect with noted improvement in concentration and alertness.

Program 17 - Focus and Concentration 1 - 21 mins.

This program can be used before any performance-related task including athletic competition, intense work requiring high mental capacity or complex activities that require superior mental concentration.

Program 18 - Focus and Concentration 2 36 mins.

This program has been designed to help improve focus, attention and concentration abilities. It may also be helpful in improving problem-solving abilities


"May I just say Excellent service and Excellent product.

I will be recommending to all my friends. The more people are made aware of the MindSpa the better, and of how beneficial it can be."
--- D.B. - Dublin, Ireland

Circadian Rhythm Balance

The new MindSpa includes light-glasses based on cutting edge research at one of the world’s most prestigious medical schools.

It's been found that when the retina is exposed to light in the “action spectrum,” 455 – 480nm range (similar to sky blue), it acts to reset our internal body clock. This light can be utilized to treat a range of circadian disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jet lag, sleep and a range of related issues. 

The CalmBlue Glasses included with the system uses blue light of the particular frequency that has been found to be most effective for treating circadian rhythm disorders. Over time and with regular use, they can be help to regulate your internal body clock having a very positive effect on your sleep patterns and other physiological cycles.


"Just to let you know I am delighted with my purchase. Best investment I ever made. Have gone from an average of 2 to 3 hours a night, to sleeping several hours every night ."
--- Stephen Anderson - Lancashire, UK

Extra Sessions

Most people will find that the built-in sessions will satisfy all their needs. However,extra sessions can be downloaded.



"My sleeping patterns do seem to have improved. This was the main reason I bought the Mindspa, I was having difficulties sleeping.

I had put it down to my age, 52, but I do seem to be getting a better quality of sleep.My problem was a very active brain which wanted to think of all sorts of things as soon as I laid down in bed. Now I seem to get off to sleep quite quickly."
--- Leigh Cowell, Oxon, UK


CalmBlue Deep Relaxation Glasses

CalmBlue Deep Relaxation Glasses

In addition to the standard CrystalWhite Multi-Purpose Visual Stimulation Glasses, the MindSpa Package also includes the specially developed blue light CalmBlue™Multi-Purpose Glasses. They are designed specifically to help promote deep states of soothing relaxation and are excellent for evening or late night use.


The MindSpa Package also includes exclusive web download sessions specially developed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


"Thank you for a beautiful product & your follow-up tips. I feel so much care and love from your team in my journey, and your product has made my meditations & sleep so much deeper."
--- Suzi Kyonghee Kim - Tokyo, Japan


How to use the MindSpa system

Just select a program, put on the proprietary led glasses and headphones, gently close your eyes, take a few long, relaxing breaths and allow your MindSpa to envelop you with deep, pulsating rhythms. This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility.

>Learn more about how to use a Meditation Machine


Warning : .Meditation Machines should not be used by persons with brain or neurological disorders (such as epilepsy) which may be triggered or aggravated by rapid light fluctuations. Those with serious medical conditions, including those using a pacemaker or suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders must consult a medical professional before beginning use.This product is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.Meditations Ltd cannot assume any responsibility for any adverse affects that may be caused by your use of this product.

"This is a letter of thanks for the backup and support that I have received from you since purchasing Mind Spa and to tell you that the effects on myself that Mind Spa has given me are more that I could normally have wished for after many years searching for answers. The speed and thoroughness of my release from the past traumas and the increased ability I have discovered to attain higher levels of consciousness and achievement are as remarkable as they are satisfying.
Always looking for advice about how best to use any new tool, I find that the emails you send me very useful in enabling me to get the very best from the equipment. I have advised other people who could take advantage of Mind Spa (my friends and customers) that they should investigate your web site and purchase Mind Spa for themselves.
I can best describe how I feel after only a short time as incredible. If you ever wish to reprint this letter, you have my expressed permission to do so. ."
--- Peter Hatcher - Bucks, UK

Key features of the New MindSpa system

Your package includes:



"I have just returned from Egypt and took my Mindspa with me which was fantastic. Thank you for a great product. I love it "
--- Steven Mudd - Cleveland, UK


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Autumn Special Offer

During the Autumn, we are giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every Meditation Machine - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.

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The MindSpa comes with our 30 day satisfaction money-back guarantee

Your MindSpa Package includes CrystalWhite Multi-Purpose Glasses and CalmBlue Multi-Purpose Glasses with our 30 day satisfaction money-back guarantee PLUS our four-week 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth £25

Price including free 'Next Day' UK delivery : £225


If you have any questions about the MindSpa system or our other Meditation Machines, please call 020 8371 0436 (or email info@meditations-uk.com) and we will help and advise you.


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