Sirius Meditation Machine - SOLD OUT

Now With TWO sets of light-glasses -
PureWhite and RubyRed

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Sirius Meditation Machine


Special Bonus. For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week 'Concentrate Your Mind' e-course worth £25.
This course is the perfect complement to your Meditation Machine. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in in a few days.

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The Sirius is designed for people who are looking for a powerful Meditation Machine at a low price. It is an ideal 'starter' system and contains a rich set of features. It also includes excellent PureWhite glasses and RubyRed glasses which are of similar quality to glasses normally found in more expensive systems.

The Sirius is sturdy, conveniently small, ergonomic, and very easy to use. Just power it on, choose one of the 22 preset sessions, put on the headphones and Light frames, and close your eyes. The session will guide you into calmer mental states by stimulating your senses with special patterns of sound and synchronized lights. You will be transported to a profound state of relaxation.

The Sirius includes Audiostrobe technology for synchronizing special music CDs with the lights and ColorPulse mode for synchronizing with any of your favorite music. ColorPulse transforms the beat of your favorite tapes and CDs into patterns of pulsing light. It works best with music with a distinctive beat.


"The Sirius is excellent machine which is easy to use and has given me much benefit in the short time I've owned it. There is no doubt that the sessions with the machine are having an ongoing improving effect on general well-being, confidence, concentration and relaxation."
--- D.W. - Leeds, UK


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Warning : .Meditation Machines should not be used by persons with brain or neurological disorders (such as epilepsy) which may be triggered or aggravated by rapid light fluctuations. Those with serious medical conditions, including those using a pacemaker or suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders must consult a medical professional before beginning use.This product is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.Meditations Ltd cannot assume any responsibility for any adverse affects that may be caused by your use of this product


Key features of the Sirius system


"The Meditation Machine (Sirius) has had a profound effect on my life.

Personal issues I've been trying to get over for the last four years were resolved in a matter of days. As if that wasn't enough the Meditation Machine has made me aware of the nature of my thoughts for the first time, now I realise the power of positive thinking, self fulfilling prophesy etc.

The concentrate your mind emails were very helpful.

Everybody should be aware of the Meditation Machine. And thanx for the batteries!"
--- Ben Nind - UK

Sirius Meditation Machine

Your Sirius package includes:



"During a session with my Sirius , I really do feel as if I have transcended the body. I feel amazingly relaxed, at peace, but often it feels like quite an exciting journey too...!

Afterwards, if it is in the day, I feel brilliant - very relaxed, calm and in control. At night, I fall asleep almost immediately.

I think I feel more calm and in control, a lot more focused, and although the timing may be coincidental (although I don't believe in coincidence!) I have had the "moment of clarity" and realised what I want to do with my life, and how to go about getting it.

In all, I would say I have been more positive, focussed, happy, relaxed and grateful for what I have! Not a bad return...!."
--- Carl Harvey - London, UK

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The Sirius comes with our 30 day satisfaction money-back guarantee PLUS our four-week 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth £25

Price including free 'Next Day' UK delivery : £109


If you have any questions about the Sirius system or our other Meditation Machines, please call 020 8371 0436 (or email and we will help and advise you.


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