Biofeedback and The Journey to Wild Divine

Biofeedback is scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being. It teaches you to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and other critical bodily functions

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At present, The Journey to Wild Divine is available only as a 'software only' addition to The Wild Divine's flagship product, Healing Rhythms.


'Healing Rhythms' features commentary from Dr. Deepak Chopra and takes you through a structured, interactive 15-Step Biofeedback Training Program to help you build a happy mind and a healthy body.

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The Journey to Wild Divine

The Wild Divine - The Passage demo

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 The demo needs QuickTime installed on your computer. If you don't have QuickTime installed, it can be downloaded for free here . Vuer

Wild Divine

The Journey to Wild Divine is a unique 'computer game' for mind and body that links biofeedback hardware with your computer to create an enlightening experience of wellness.

The great thing about The Journey to Wild Divine is that it's suitable for all ages, including young children.

Read this article by a journalist from "The Times" that describes what happened when he used "The Journey".

Wild DivineWearing three finger sensors that track your body's heart rate variability and skin conductance, you'll learn to use the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness to:



Wild DivineThe first in "The Journey" series is called "The Passage". Players are taken on a journey through a land of snow-capped mountains and mystical gardens.

But unlike a normal computer game where you accomplish errands by clicking on a mouse, in "The Passage", you perform increasingly difficult tasks by practicing breathing and meditation techniques that affect your heart rate and excitement level.

For example, for some tasks, like levitating a ball, you need to raise your excitement level (as measured by three finger sensors). For other tasks, such as opening a door, you need to calm down.

The idea is that the techniques you use in "The Passage" carry through into the rest of your life and you soon find yourself being able to lower stress levels and relax at will.

System Requirements: PC Intel Pentium III or higher; Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 or Windows XP; 1.5 GB spare disk space; 256MB RAM; 800x600 24bit colour display; CD-ROM or DVD drive; available USB port; sound card and speakers : MAC G3, G4 or G5 OS-X version 10.2 or higher

>Read article by Justin Hall, journalist for New York Times, Wired & Rolling Stone

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Please phone us on 020 8371 0436 or email us for further advice about The Journey to Wild Divine.


At present, The Journey to Wild Divine is available only as a 'software only' addition to The Wild Divine's flagship product, Healing Rhythms.


Price of 'software-only' version (you need the IOM finger sensors from Healing Rhythms) including free 'Next Day' UK delivery : £75   

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