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We like to recommend the websites of people, companies and organizations that share a simliar philosophy to us. : Wonderfully relaxing video meditations using non-threatening, non-religious, simple visual imagery. Highly recommended. : "Where children can believe and parents can breathe". Relaxation CDs and books for young children. : Amazingly helpful and accurate business and personal readings from Edward McNaught-Davis, professional Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant and Psychic

Motivation Training : Specialists in hypnotherapy training, NLP courses and Stress Management seminars performed by fully accredited specialists at a beautiful and tranquil centre in Scotland

Positive Parents- Confident Kids Coaching. Lots of advice and guidance for raising happy, confident childern. Free newsletter. : High quality articles about relaxation and stress management

Grief Encounter Project : Grief Encounter helps bereaved children and young people rebuild their lives after a family death.

star Wellbeing Center ; Foundation For Well Being is an well being center, developing and distributing educational, spiritual and tangible support to people who are experiencing stress due to life events

Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment : Information about meditation courses. : Esther Hicks is an international speaker who channels a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham.

holisticlocal : Your local guide to holistic, green and conscious living.





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Stress Management